Car4All Branding and Web

branding and web design for car rent company to disabled people

50-60 Music Clip

animated collage musical clip to the song
of Eran Tzur, Shlomi Bracha and Danni Makov

Dance Company Website

a sketch of the website for dance company

The Well Installation

historical explainer video at the Kfar Saba Well installation in museum

Joopy Branding and Website

website, banners and stationery design as part of branding for Joopy Incentives high tech company

Burekas Penso Branding

rebranding for The Penso Family Burekas - established institution of bakery at Levinsky market in Tel Aviv

Style Digital Marketing

digital marketing products as newsletters or social media banners and animated gifs with teasers and holidays greetings

Maccabi Digital Brochure

digital brochure for Maccabi Tivi - the leading complementary medicine chain in Israel

Cofix Franchise Ad

graphic package for the marketing video for Cofix - israeli coffee shop chain

Logo Portfolio 2

various logos for different brands

Heli Desserts Branding

branding for Heli Kashani Dahan - talented confectioner that creates pastry art

Social Media Posts

social media managing including creative, copywriting on design ui/ux and digital marketing subjects and designing the posts

Rami Levy Ad

graphic package for the marketing video for Rami Levy - third largest Israeli retail supermarket chain

Graphics for Motion Portfolio

motions projects: music clip, ads, explainers and more

Netivey Prisha Branding and Web

branding and website for retirement consulting company

Sirab Packaging

cookware packaging for Sirab imported goods

“Important” Magazine

small funky zine about
the culture of the simple objects around us

Inbal Jacoby Branding

stationery, diet menu, t-shirts and more as part of branding for Inbal Jacoby weight loss group

Seisei Profile

colorful informative newsletter about Seisei - educational creative method

Saphira Wine Labels

labels for limited edition of wine bottles by Saphira

Magazine Redesign

redesigning “Galileo” into art and science magazine

Weizmann Institute Brochure

brochure for science kit for kids edited
by Davidson institute

School Interior and Brochure

products catalog for Skitza - interior design studio taking care of education spaces for kids

Logo Portfolio

various logos for different brands

Fluence Web Banners

digital adds and invitations
for Fluence - global water systems company

Tokar Branding and Web

stationery and signs as part of branding for Tokar - water systems engineering

Interactive Book

interactive version of “Three Men in a Boat” in the spirit of gaming and sharing

Albar Graphics

annual covers, branding events and more for Albar - cars agency

Wedding Design

invitations and additional design elements
for our own wedding

Style Conference

conference branding for Style
customer’s clubs managing company

Sahara Branding

branding and packaging for Sahara haircare cosmetics

Pop up Art Packaging

branding and packaging imaginary blooming tea brand

Shtuta Paper Game

paper folding game brand
for children with playful characters

Dina Gomel Website

gentle website
for Dina Gomel beauty care salon

Augmented Reality App

app which tells the story
behind the names of the streets of Tel Aviv

Math Book Redesign

school project of redesigning Benny Gorenʼs math book for students relief