Logo Portfolio

Here is a various logos for the very
different brands I’ve created in last years.
Each one is a small capsule of the
different values, that the brand presents to
the world, even if some of them are in the
same field.

INSITEOUT – web development that brings the inner needs of the clients out

CARPE DIEM – women growth space in nature with therapy and empowering activities

(made in collaboration with Yael Dar studio)

Negev XL – digital solutions for health and wellbeing, HiTech company located at the Negev

(made in collaboration with Sharon Avrahami studio)

SHTUTA – paper folding game brand for children with playful talking characters

Sahara – haircare cosmetics brand, inspired by the Sahara desert

(made in Sharon Avrahami studio)

Natural Touch – haircare products for hair after straightening treatment

(made in WebTheNet studio)

MIRO SAPAZ – beauty salon for haircare and cosmetics

(made in WebTheNet studio)